Its time to celebrate!! Two more students have now officially reached the shores of happiness by holding on to the vine – Jeeyar Gurukulam School extended by HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji. Two ex-students K.Nagamani and M.Gangajala from Jeeyar Gurukulam School Allampally, have been selected as Agriculture Extension Officers (AEO).

Allampally is located in a deep forest in Adilabad district.Observing the plight of the kids in those forests, HH Sri Chinnajeeayar Swamy established Jeeyar Gurukulam school in 2004. The two students – K.Nagamani and M.Gangajala completed their education from LKG to 10th grade in Jeeyar Gurukulam and pursued their higher studies in Agriculture. After securing a diploma in Agriculture, they are now studying Agriculture BSC. While studying, they applied for AEO post, took written tests, attended interviews and were selected. People from Allampally village and Gurukulam staff are rejoicing at their success and are very thankful to Swamiji for opening new avenues in their lives.