On July 25 2018, a few VT Seva volunteers from Atlanta USA, visited Jeeyar Gurukulam Beersaipeta. Kousthubh, Pavan, Swadesh, Aiswarya, Anvi, Nidhi, Sriya. Dhupati, Sriya. Sriperumbudur and Sanjana came along with Smt. Sandhya Yellapragada, Antlanta VT SEVA Coordinator.

They spent some good time with the students. They interacted with the students and saw them work diligently and creatively. They were very appreciative and were amazed with the performance of the students, teachers and the staff.

They said “Really HH Swamiji did a great job constructing a wonderful school here, which is far away from the main stream and in the middle of a deep forest. We feel very lucky to visit and spend a nice time with these wonderful tribal children. They are an inspiration for all of us. They surprised us with their discipline and wonderful talents. We will come again to visit this Jeeyar Gurukulam”.

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