Major Awards and Recognition’s Received by the Organization in the last FIVE years:

  • Chase Community Giving : 50 Lakhs (100K USD) – awarded to our sister NGO VTSeva / Vikasatarangini
  • Appreciation letters from District Collector, State Principal Secretary
  • First prize from Ministry of Tribal Affairs on the paper presentation in seminar – 2008-09 & 2012-13


An enormous positive change was seen in the children after establishing Jeeyar Gurukulam schools.

  • The children addicted to narcotics kicked their habit.
  • The children who never brushed their teeth or bathed started to do so.
  • Generators and inverters were provided in the school to overcome irregular power supply and frequent power cuts.
  • A mineral (Reverse Osmosis) water plant was provided for drinking water.
  • Yoga was introduced to improve physical and mental health.
  • The children are taught hygiene, a new concept for them. They are taught the local language, Telugu, which helps communicate with outsiders. Computers and projectors are used as teaching aids.
  • A basic library was established to promote learning.
  • Two school buses were provided during 2012 for the students’ commute.
  • In the academic year, 2009-2010, all the graduating students passed with first class honors. The village was filled with a festive atmosphere as the first batch passed high school with flying colors from an illiterate background. Their dreams came true. The highest scores were 87%.
  • All consequent academic years also resulted in 100% first class honors. During the academic year 2012-13, the highest score from the school was 97%.
  • The students participate in district and state level games, quizzes, competitions such as essay writing, elocution etc… They won prizes at district level in many such areas.
  • JET (S) volunteers, who run the schools, expended a lot of effort going to various thandas, educating parents about the importance of education, and encouraging all the children to join school. Due to these efforts, the total Gurukulum strength is now 468.
  • VT Seva members and youth volunteers from USA visited the schools and volunteered there in the summer. They enjoyed working closely with the community.
  • These three schools became a model and served as a base for extending service to the surrounding areas. Now, JET (S) wants to spread its wings for the betterment of many such communities.



  • Our students Monica (10th), Raju (9th) are “INSPIRE AWARD” WINNERS from Department of Science and Technology.

  • They also won District level 1st and State level 2nd Sports Championship in Koko, Long Jump,High Jump and Running.