Origin and History

Adilabad located in Telangana, India is a backward district with 65% tribal area and 68.5% of its population living below poverty line. Allampalli is an inaccessible village, located deep in the forests of Kavval in Adilabad. This village became a hub for naxalites between the years 1970 and 2000, due to Illiteracy and poverty.

The naxals kept the area in and around Allampalli under developed for their own purposes. As a result, this area was deprived of basic infrastructure such as roads and electricity. Communication with the outside world was literally zero.

In such isolated areas, about 20 to 40 families live together in groups called ‘thandas’ and ‘gudems’. The socio-economic condition of people living in these areas is dismal due to lack of proper education. Harmful habits such as addiction to alcohol, tobacco and narcotic drugs are common even among children.

Children work to earn money for their families by making ‘beedi leaves’, a type of cigars. The villagers live in dire poverty. They lack basic amenities such as toilets, bathrooms, and sewage systems, resulting in bad hygiene.

Water used by pigs and dogs is also used by people for drinking and washing purposes. Every ten thandas have a single roomed school constructed by the government. But they are hardly open for students. They are often used for anti-social activities

What Graduates Say

I am from Gangapur village. I am studying in B.Tech 3rd year. I used to attend private school upto 3rd grade paying Rs.50. Came to know about Jeeyar Gurukulam,and I joined here. The standards in the earlier school were very low. They admitted me in 1st grade again. I graduated and now I am doing my B.Tech. Thanks a million from the bottom of my heart to HH Swamiji and Jeeyar Gurukulam.
Nallapu Srinivas, Jeeyar Gurukulam
I am from Gangapur thanda in Allampally. I used to go to nearby government school once in a while. After Jeeyar Gurukulam was established, I was interviewed and admitted in 3rd grade. Because of the quality education in the school, I got a seat in APRJC and am studying in second year. Thanks to Swamiji and Gurukulam.
The uncivilized civilization which was a victim to narcotics (nalla mandu) and a haven for ignorance is changing now because of this wonderful institution Jeeyar Gurukulam which gave us books, pencils, education taught us self-discipline and showed us a wonderful path who were otherwise living in the drags and dirt. I have no words to express our gratitude to HH Swamiji and Jeeyar Gurukulam.