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Republic Day Celebrated in Jeeyar Gurukulam Schools

Allampally and Beersaipet Tribal Jeeyar Gurukulam schools celebrated 67th Republic Day grandly. In the morning, after flag hoisting, students saluted and sang National Anthem. After Flag Hoisting, they paraded round the village. Later, VT members distributed prizes to winners and runners in sports, games and other activities. The program concluded with distribution of sweets. The [...]


Teachers Volunteer in Allampally and Birsaipeta

Our Yuva Vikas members (govt teachers) M.Rajender Reddy & Venugopalachary visited JEEYAR GURUKULAMS Allampally and Beersaipet branches on 14th and 15th of March. They conducted tests from 3rd class to 10th class in Maths, English and Telugu. For 10th class they checked all the pre -final papers. They prepared a brief report on the standards [...]


Recruiting Students Project – Continuous Effort

The  villagers are ignorant and are unaware of the advantages of education. VT volunteers go to the thundas and enlighten them about advantages of being a literate. They counsel the parents and convince them to enrol their children in the school. Among those tribes, KOLEM tribe resides in the most interior parts of the forest. [...]


Teacher Trainings Project -2014

Every year, VT conducts teacher training classes for one month in summer. The training programs are a platform to deliver orientation course regarding textbooks, teaching methodologies, exchange of ideas to the teachers.   Free travel, food and accommodation and training are provided. To keep in pace with the current education system,  continuous comprehension evaluation of [...]


School Buildings Expansion Project 2014- 2015

To accommodate more students and provide better facilities, new classrooms are being constructed. In Allampally school,12 classrooms, in Beersaipet 3 classrooms and in Katarivari palem 10 classrooms are being constructed. In 2015, new dining hall, a kitchen and 4 more classrooms construction in Birsaipeta will be undertaken.


Daily Routine

The day starts early for the students. They wake up at 5 AM. After chanting morning prayers, they do Yoga followed by going to school. They retire to bed at 9:45 PM. 5 to 5.30 AM– Prathasmaraneeyam 5.30 – 6.30 AM – Yoga 6.30 – 8.00 AM – Getting ready for school 8.00 – 8.30 [...]


Care on Wheels Project 2013-2014

Accomplishments Using the Chase grant, VT Seva and JET (S) made a strong impact in the lives of thousands of underprivileged -  Surveyed 100 gudems with 3,365 families and a population of 14,674 people (4,904 children, 4,867 women and 4,903 men). In the survey conducted, we found an astonishing fact that 6,246 were illiterates [...]


Health Camps Project – 2014

Free Medical camps were conducted in Allampally and Birsaipeta and medicines were provided to the patients.  There is more urgent need to conduct such camps regularly for the well being of the community. With the help of supporters, VT is planning to conduct more such camps for the benefit of villagers.


Infrastructure Expansion Phase II Project 2013-2014

This project was executed to improve the existing infrastructure in the school. As part of the project, preschool was expanded and play items were bought for the children. Learning CDs, reference books, charts and 3D models and other teaching aids  for all subjects were also procured.


Building Bridges Project – 2013-2014

In the thick forests, rains make the commute  a nightware. Innumerable streams with gushing water make travel from one place to another very difficult. As a result, students are unable to come to schools. To alleviate this problem, Vikasa Tarangini took the first step in building 3 bridges in 2013-14 in Allampally.  VT coordinated with [...]