Jeeyar Gurukulams: A Ray of Hope for the Underprivileged

The only schools providing quality and value based education, to the neglected and forgotten. A holistic educational experience bringing a change in thousands of lives.

With your Support the kids can do wonders! A small step from your side will change their life.

Our #1 priority is the children’s future.  We believe in our efforts and conduct our schools to the highest standards. We truly appreciate your support in helping the forgotten children realize their dreams.  Jeeyar Gurukulams constantly work on improving and improvising new methods of teaching. Your suggestions are most welcome. Be a part of this effort and enjoy the happiness of serving!

Tenth Grade Graduates
Reduced Student Drop Outs
Enrolment of Students
Families Benefitted

Foundation for the Future

The three schools at Allampally, Birsaipet, and Katarivaripalem are located in remote forests and villages with little to no infrastructure. With education, these children form the building blocks for a strong community and country.

Incredible Changes: The Tip of the Iceberg

A glimpse into our efforts and initiatives

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The hands that would have otherwise held guns are holding books!


Students who never used toilets for their nature calls are now trained to use toilets in the school.



Children are now enjoying the shelter of Jeeyar Gurukulams, permanent structures instead of thatched huts.

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Kids now get to eat nutritious, tasty and wholesome food which was once only a dream.

good habits

 Community Development

Kids are teaching their family members good habits they learn at Jeeyar Gurukulam.

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At Jeeyar Gurukulams, students are taught to give back to the community by imbibing a volunteering spirit.


Lab Facilities

The schools provide modern facilities with science labs to introduce logical thinking for the students.



 Computer labs allow kids to develop skills in today’s digital universe.


Expanding Horizons

Students watch Discovery Channel, National Geographic and various news channels to improve their knowledge of current events.


Physical Education

Students play many sports and games to improve their physical and mental well-being.


Extra-curricular Activities

Extra-curricular activities are yet another dimension provided by Jeeyar Gurukulam schools to develop the faculties of students.



Children who were only able to speak in local dialects are now able to communicate in mainstream languages.


Holistic Development

Jeeyar Gurukulam believes in holistic development of students. Students do yoga everyday and chant sanskrit poems flawlessly

Connecting Lives, Culture Exchange

Cultural Exchange

Every year students for USA come to the tribal schools to volunteer.  Students benefit from the exchange of knowledge on culture and practices.


Fun Time

Jeeyar Gurukulams believe in learning with fun. School trips and excursions are part and parcel of the learning for students.

Successfully Executed and Upcoming Projects


My friends who did not join gurukulam are now living a low standard life taking care of cattle and whiling away their time, and living in poverty. I am proud to be educated and live in a metropolitan city enjoying the comforts.
Latha, Graduated Student, Jeeyar Gurukulam
My children never showed any interest in studying while studying in nearby government school. After joining Gurukulam, they are very interested. They are learning a lot. We also want to learn now
Parent, of Jeeyar Gurukulam Student
During my visit to Allampally, it was shocking to see the students going through many hardships to learn. I just take everything for granted. I realized that every opportunity I have would be a luxury to many kids around the world who are not as lucky as me.
Sukumar Kalvapudi, 9th Grade, Volunteer USA
My name is Bhamam Motilal. I speak Mathura, a scriptless language. I am studying in 9th grade. I am from Mandgalsingh Thanda (tribal settlement). I am studying here from primary school. Before joining this school, we used to herd cattle and work as a daily labor. I would like to reach greater heights in my life and I will never forget this school. Our teachers are staying with us and providing excellent guidance. My goal is to become a teacher and pass on the knowledge to students.
Bhamam Motilal, Jeeyar Gurukulam Student
I was born in Warangal, AP, India. I came from a poor family and lost my father when I was 4 years old. My mother helped for my education. Now, I am the President of JSMN International Inc, a Computer Consulting Company. Since 2007, I have been involved in Schools for Tribals supported by VT Seva. I sponsor 87 kids at Allampalli School for Tribal students and contribute $87 a day. You too can be part of it. A dollar a day can make a huge impact!
Ravinder Thota, VP, JSMN International Inc

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