Opening Avenues in Rural Areas

Jeeyar Gurukulams are making a difference in a deep forest areas in Adilabad district where many tribal people live in small groups called thandas. Making fire wood, harvesting some seeds, working and living in woods is their lifestyle. HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji stepped into these naxal infested areas in 2002 and  took the initiative of establishing schools to improve their standard of living.

In 2004, Jeeyar Gurukulam, first school in Allampally was established followed by one in Birsaipeta in 2005 and the third one in Katarivaripalem, tsunami hit area in May,2007. Today, these places which were deprived basic necessities earlier, have schools with advanced computer & science labs along with dedicated and competent faculty. Many alumni of these schools are now pursuing their college education in reputed institutions such as APRJC.

Geographic Reach of the Organization

Name of the StateNumber of Villages in the State
TelanganaCovering 19 Thandas (remote tribal settlements) across two villages – Allampalli and Beersaipeta of Adilabad District in Telangana state;  On an average, 200 people live in each Thanda.
Andhra PradeshCovered a fishermen area of Katarivaripalem, which was badly hit by Tsunami

Jeeyar Gurukulam Schools

Our REACH and TEACH methodologies are opening educational avenues in the Jungle. We have been supporting the education of 1000+ students at 2 schools for tribal communities at Allampalli and Birsaipeta, Adilabad district of Telangana state and 1 school in Katarivaripalem, Tsunami devastated area in Prakasam district of Andhra Pradesh, India.

What Villagers and Officials Say

My name is Bhamam Matial. I speak Mathura, a scriptless language. I am studying in 9th grade. I am Mangalsingh thanda – tribal settlement. I am sturying here from primary school. Before joining this school, we used to herd cattle and work as daily labor.

I would like to reach greater height in my life and I will never forget this school. Our teachers are staying with us and providing excellent guidance. My goal is to become a teacher and pass on the knowledge to students.

Bhamam Matial
The toilets for children are so good. We are not able to provide like this even in our city hostels… I wish we brought some of our teachers to witness this function and see how well disciplined these children are and how well they are chanting the slokas and prayer songs.
Mrs. Sudha Rani, District Collector