Our Challenges

The thundas are located in deep forests. Reaching these thundas where tribals live is a herculean task.
Communication Gap
The tribal communities speak in different languages (dialects) which are very different from mainstream language medium of state (Telugu) and the nation (Hindi, English). Because of this disconnect in communication, they are unable to reap the benefits of mainstream society especially in the field of education, health and hygiene.
The tribals lack awareness of tribal welfare schemes and other initiatives taken up by the government and Forest department. As a result, they are unable to use them to lead a better life style.
Children drop out from school and some young children stay at home because they and their parents do not know the importance of education. Parents are reluctant to admit their children in schools.
The tribal communities lack medical facilities/resources. They do not have pure drinking water. Lack of road facilities in the deep remote locations of the forest areas is another hurdle for children to come to school.
The tribals lack the knowledge and importance of leading a hygiene lifestyle. Hence they do not show any inclination to learn about leading a healthy life style nor do they teach their children about hygiene.
In the past before JET and Vikasa Tarangini entered the region and established Jeeyar Gurukulams, the extremist activities in the district made it difficult for outsiders (including government officials) to step in.

JET(S), Vikasa Tarangini and VT Seva Initiatives to Overcome Challenges

  • Volunteers go to the gudems regularly and counsel the parents about the advantages of educating their children.
  • Children are motivated to study for their bright future.
  • To encourage the backward and tribal community, hostel was built with all facilities.
  • Books, uniforms, meals, boarding, lodging is provided free of cost.
  • A school bus was bought and put into service to encourage students from distances to come to school.
  • Community Development programs are being conducted for overall development of the area
  • Engaging and empowering youth from the local tribal communities
  • Providing skill sets with regards to health and hygiene
  • Cultivating leadership qualities and the inclination to serve in the society/community
  • Educating the tribal community about various government programs that exist for their benefit.
  • Providing healthcare to the tribal communities in thandas/gudems (Tribal Settlements) by improving health and hygiene conditions.

Our Community Development Projects