Installing Drinking Water Plants Project 2013-2014


Description : Impure water results in diseases. To provide clean drinking water, RO water plants have been established in the three schools. These facilities are used by the surrounding villagers too. Name of project:   Reverse Osmosis Start date :   2012 End date:   On need basis Key funder/s:   JET(S) Implementation partners, if any:    No [...]

Insfrastructure Expansion Phase I Project 2004-2007


After establishing the schools, dire need of generators was felt as there was no power in the day. A generator was installed in each of the schools. Four projectors were purchased and installed in the multimedia rooms. Computers and software were procured for computer labs. Science labs were expanded with purchase of new equipment.

Bore Wells Project – 2004 – 2007


For the convenience of villagers, Vikasa Tarangini (VT) dug 2 borewells in Allampally in 2004. Later in 2005-2006 2 bore wells were dug in Birsaipeta to provide water facility to the community. Wells were also expanded and electric motors were installed to draw water.  In 2007-2008, 2 bore wells were established for the villagers in Katarivaripalem.   [...]

Providing School Buses Project – 2012


Students had to walk about 5 miles to reach the school. This resulted in them coming late, or skipping school in rainy and winter seasons.2 school buses, one for Allampally school and another for Birsaipeta were required for providing transport. With the generous support of Mr. Ravindra Thota, two buses were purchased and put to [...]

Building School Compound Wall Project 2009


  Allampally is a big school built in 5 acres of land. A compound wall was required for the security of kids. Building a compound wall around the school was a challenge due to lack of sufficient funds. Incessant heavy rains proved to be another major hurdle to complete the construction. In 2009, the compound [...]

Building Bridges Project – 2013-2014


  In the thick forests, rains make the commute  a nightmare. Innumerable streams with gushing water make travel from one place to another very difficult. As a result, students are unable to come to schools. To alleviate this problem, Vikasa Tarangini took the first step in building 3 bridges in 2013-14 in Allampally.  VT coordinated [...]

Community Development – Care on Wheels Project 2013-2014


VT Seva believes that everyone deserves a better life. The grant from Chase Community Giving was utilized to support ‘’Care on Wheels’’ (Called as “Adarsa Gramam” in local language) and “Equip the underprivileged children with better Educational facilities and Technology” projects. VT Seva is striving hard and working diligently as per the project guidelines. [...]

School Buildings Expansion Project 2014- 2015


To accommodate more students and provide better facilities, new classrooms are being constructed. In Allampally school,12 classrooms, in Beersaipet 3 classrooms and in Katarivari palem 10 classrooms are being constructed. In 2015, new dining hall, a kitchen and 4 more classrooms construction in Birsaipeta will be undertaken.