Project Description

Description : Impure water results in diseases. To provide clean drinking water, RO water plants have been established in the three schools. These facilities are used by the surrounding villagers too.

Name of project:   Reverse Osmosis

Start date :   2012

End date:   On need basis

Key funder/s:   JET(S)

Implementation partners, if any:    No

Total funds used (in INR Lakhs):    2 Laksh

Target beneficiaries:   Residents of Thandas and Villages

Thematic area:   Basic necessities – provide drinking water

Location of the project (District, State/s):    Adilabad Dist, Telngana, Guntur & Krishna Dist, Andhra Pradesh

Rural or Urban:   Rural

In case of rural, name of villages covered:    Adilabad : Allampalli, Beersaipeta. Guntur : Sitanagaram, Krishna : Gollapalley

Narrative description of the project:   Provide bore wells and safe drinkable water using latest techniques

Activities undertaken:   Borewell and reverse osmosis plants

Key results:   Health Benefits for the beneficiaries

Impact of the project:   Improved health conditions of the people