There is a saying “To have another language is to possess a second soul”. One of the benefits of being bilingual can mean that you see the world in different ways.. It’s like the world of language is like the world of flowers – all different, all unique, different colors, and so forth, but they are all flowers. Just as we are all human and have that same connection

To give this opportunity to learn English language to the Gurukulam children, with the direction of HH  Chinna Jeeyar Swami, Spoken English classes were organised for 10 days from 1.8.2019 to 10.8.2019 at JEEYAR GURUKULAM, ALLAMPALLI, Kadem Mandal, Nirmal Dist., Telangana State.

HH Swamiji aim is that the every student and teacher of Jeeyar Gurukulam should be able to communicate in English Language without any mistakes. With HH Swamiji blessings Professor Dr. G. Krishna Rao and team from EFLU(University of English and Foreign Languages), Hyderabad came to Allampalli-Jeeyar Gurukulam all the way from Hyderabad and conducted classes and taught with utmost interest for 10 days.

Students and teachers were thankful to the team of professors,
1. Smn. Dr. G. Krishna Rao
2. Smn. Dr. Rajesh
3. Smt. Dr. Shobharani
4. Smt. Dr. Kusum
5. Smt. Dr. Sunitha
6. Smt. Dr. Ragalatha
7. Smt. Dr. Merlin

Students and teachers have learnt a lot in these 10 days. These 10 days were a great start for a new beginning to learn English among students and teachers.

Gurukulam children takes steps to learn English
Gurukulam children takes steps to learn English13
Gurukulam children takes steps to learn English12