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Medical Camp Conducted in Jeeyar Gurukulams on 27-12-2015

27th Dec, 2015  Allampally The Allampally and Beersaipet Jeeyar Gurukulam students are suffering with skin diseases and fever. Vikasa Tarangini conducted  Medical Camp in both places on 27-12-2015. Dr.Vishweshwar Rao and V.Suryanarayan Dermotologist came from Mancheerial and checked 425 students of Allampally, 146 students of Beersaipet and distributed  Medicines. MORE PHOTOS


NCERT Coordinators Visited Jeeyar Gurukulams

12th Jan, 2015  Allampally NCERT coordinators Sri Suvarna Vinayak  and JET(S) members visited  Allampally and Beersaipet Jeeyar Gurukulams.  They  inspected all classes and gave instructions to the trained and trainee teachers and gave some advices to Head Master. They stayed for two days (14th & 15th Dec 2015). MORE PHOTOS  


Free Medical Camp conducted in Allampally & Beersaipeta.

30th Aug 2015, Allampally, Beersaipeta. Dangerous fevers dengue, malaria have become rampant in the district of Adilabad. As a preventive care Homeopathic Medical Camp was conducted in Jeeyar Gurukulam school. Medicines were administered to students and villagers. A total of 790 students and 600 villagers were benefited by the camp. The camp was organized by [...]