Monthly Archives: December 2014


Recruiting Students Project – Continuous Effort

The  villagers are ignorant and are unaware of the advantages of education. VT volunteers go to the thundas and enlighten them about advantages of being a literate. They counsel the parents and convince them to enrol their children in the school. Among those tribes, KOLEM tribe resides in the most interior parts of the forest. [...]


Teacher Trainings Project -2014

Every year, VT conducts teacher training classes for one month in summer. The training programs are a platform to deliver orientation course regarding textbooks, teaching methodologies, exchange of ideas to the teachers.   Free travel, food and accommodation and training are provided. To keep in pace with the current education system,  continuous comprehension evaluation of [...]


School Buildings Expansion Project 2014- 2015

To accommodate more students and provide better facilities, new classrooms are being constructed. In Allampally school,12 classrooms, in Beersaipet 3 classrooms and in Katarivari palem 10 classrooms are being constructed. In 2015, new dining hall, a kitchen and 4 more classrooms construction in Birsaipeta will be undertaken.