Monthly Archives: June 2016


International Yoga Day Celebrated in Jeeyar Gurukulam

21st June, 2016 International Yoga day was celebrated on 21-06-2016 with the suggestion of Sriman. Prabhakar Rao ji, under the guidance of Principal and the help of teachers in Jeeyar Gurukulam, Allampally .  In this program all students did Surya Namaskarams  and some students performed special asanas. Sriman Sri Krishna garu explained the importance of [...]


Parents Meeting at Jeeyar Gurukulam

 Jeeyar Gurukulam, Allampally conducted parents meeting under the guidance of Sriman. Prabhakar Rao. In the meeting, parents were advised not to send their children for field works during school hours and send them to school on time. The parents were advised to take responsibility and enquire the school at least twice a month if their kids [...]


Entrance Exam Conducted in Jeeyar Gurukulam

Jeeyar Gurukulam, Allampally Jeeyar Gurukulam conducted entrance test as per the suggestion of Sriman. Prabhakar Rao garu, for student selection in 2016-17 academic year.  Students screened from this test were interviewed by Sriman. Prabhakar Rao garu and seats were granted to eligible students. Hostel facility was provided to students who were economically backward.


CCE Teacher Training Concluded

CCE Teacher Training Session concluded today with valedictory function. HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji speaking on this occasion said, "World is a classroom providing lot of avenues to learn. Nature and animals around us teach valuable lessons. Don't ever close the doors of your mind. Keep your channels open and receive the signals.  Learn with clarity. Only [...]