On 6th Feb 2017, Rashtriya Bala Shashtya Karyakram ( R B S K) conducted a health camp at Jeeyar Gurukulam Allampalli.520 students underwent various medical tests , out of that, 58 students who had some health problems were referred to district hospitals. Two students under the advice of senior doctors were referred to RIMS, Adilabad, for required surgery.

One of these two Sri B Vinod , a 4th class student had a difficulty in walking since birth. He was successfully operated. Kum M Anayaja , a 2nd class girl was not able to speak as her tongue was stuck. But she can write very well. With the advice of specialists, we propose to give her all the medical treatment. She has special talents in listening, writing and studies.

The head master, teachers, Dr. Nagaraju and Srilata, Sahidhar from (R B S K) actively conducted the camp.

By: S Prabhakar Rao Secretary JET(S)