Teachers and students from remote tribal forests are trained so that they can help others.

Trained teachers are intensively conducting classes to all young students who are trained intensively as teachers. These student teachers in turn will reach out in their own tribal area and work in Gurukulams (Schools). Whenever possible, HH Sri Swamiji Himself conducts several teacher training classes for young students. The local tribals are very inspired by HH Sri Swamiji’s dedication and are determined to undergo training.The teacher training program is also taught in Sithanagaram Vedic School Campus, Andhra Pradesh.

The teacher training program is conducted under the guidance of HH Sri Swamiji for a period of 6 months.  Students are taught languages like Sanskrit, academic subjects, psychology, culture, tradition and moral values.  They are also trained in computer related subjects to keep up with the latest technologies in the world.

HH Sri Swamiji  personally spent lot of time with the student teachers to train them as the best teachers with right knowledge to spread the Truth. and behavior. HH Sri Swamiji’s determination and love towards the low socio-economic people living in the remote tribal areas is the driving force behind the success of the teacher training program.

Young students who are willing to be trained as teachers are provided with food, study material, accommodation, all free of cost.

During the training period, the trainees wake up before 4:30 AM daily to perform physical and mental exercises like yoga and meditation followed by shower and prayers. Immediately after their breakfast, the training session starts at 8:30 AM. HH Sri Swamiji, while taking the training sessions, evaluates each and every student for performance. Though students were new to this type of strict discipline, they got habituated to it very quickly. During nights, evening sessions with HH Sri Swamiji were on Personality Development learning concepts of ethics and moral values. The trainees retire to bed by 10.30 PM .