Children of Tribal School, Jeeyar Gurukulam at Allampally organised a ‘Mini Vignana Mela’, A Mini Science Fair that was an absolute awe-inspiring presentation. 56 projects have been presented during their recent anniversary celebrations. Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami went through each presentation and involved himself as an eager child! Later, Swamiji congratulated and advised staff and teachers with modes of improving practical learning and utilising of knowledge in daily life.

Take a glance at the pictures, the discipline in the kids of the rural areas shows how well the children are being groomed at all levels – physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual!

A 3rd Class student presented ‘Maya ledu, Mantram ledu’ where she illustrated a magic show of a person’s head alone being shown on the table top. 10th class student Priyanka presented a ‘Vacuum cleaner’ demonstrating the concept of suction. A 9th class student conducted blood tests and showed the laboratory work. Primary class students demonstrated ‘Compound Words’.

A couple of alumni students, Nagamani and Gangajala have contributed their first month’s salary towards equipping the school’s laboratory. They are now employed as Agriculture Officers in government sector and are diligently contributing to the society.

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