Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami presided over the 14th Annual Event of Jeeyar Gurukulams, Allampally and Beersaipeta on the 28th of February. Over decades, Swamiji has motivated various sectors of people in order to support the tribal children grow up in a holistic environment.

The schools teach them ethical values, physical education, academics, citizens’ rights and duties and above all – what it means to be exemplary human beings!

This year, Swami’s message began with teaching the kids to be thankful to every single person who made this possible for them! In such remote areas, where transportation was also very challenging – a school with trained teachers, a healthy meal, and what not – In swami’s words, Rakshana, Bhakshana, Sikshana – all well taken care!

The schools are being funded by many donors of JET USA, and VT SEVA organisations who are inspired by Swami’s message on extending service to the needy. The schools are run under Swami’s guidance, and are bringing up the children with utmost care. Please feel free to extend your support , every penny counts!

STORY TIME from Sri Swamiji!

How many of us are fond of butterflies!? We will be thrilled to have one sit on our shoulder won’t we?

Once upon a time, there was a small kid who was anxiously watching beautiful butterflies in his backyard. The colours of the butterflies excited him very much! He watched and noticed how the butterfly grows up. The early stage of an egg, larva and pupa.

In the stage of larva, it feeds on leaves or flowers and slowly builds a nest around it. After a few days, it makes a small hole, slowly tries bit by bit to come out and then emerges in beautiful colours!

The kid was very shocked at how much the butterfly struggled to come out of the tiny hole. He wanted to make life easy for the butterfly. He then chose one butterfly at that stage and opened up the hole, brought it out with him. It was all white in colour. He waited for couple of days, but there were no colours. It remained white and pale. One day, a bird was flying around the same area and grabbed this butterfly and ran away. The butterfly had no strength in its feathers to even escape from the bird!

So, did the kid make life easy for the butterfly!? Ponder on…

Only when you work hard, you build the ability to overcome any hardships! If the butterfly was let to work on its own to come out of the nest, the struggle releases certain chemicals from its body giving the wings colours while adding the strength required in the wings.

So, when teachers wake you up at 5:00 am for Yoga, followed by Prayers and then the school routine – don’t feel troubled, remember the story of the butterfly, work hard and aim high! You will then fly in beautiful colours bringing glory to your parents, your teachers and above all be thankful to yourself for staying through this system!

The school has gone through and is going through some challenges, but has achieved the strength to grow by overcoming them…!

Many dignitaries attended the event and expressed their support and were awed by the great performances of the children, and the way the school is conducted. Rama Rao Garu, Smt. Prashanti, Nirmala District Collector, Minister Allola Indrakaran Reddy ji all spoke on the occasion and blessed the children, and congratulated the staff and all involved.