JET organization members Cheerala local committee members requested the presence of Sri Swamii in Jeeyar Gurukulam (School) – Katarivaripalem for their Annual Day function on April 28 2018

Sri Swamiji gladly accepted their invitation and was warmly received by Viksatarangini and JET members at 10.00 PM in Cheerala Arya Vaishya Kalyana Mandapam where are provisions were made for the stay.

That evening, Sri Swamiji discussed the school’s activities, progress, programs with Sri Venkateshwara Rao and Sriman Prabhakar Rao.

On 28th April 2018, Sri Swamiji visited the Matsya Narayana temple and blessed all the participants there. At around 5.00 PM Sri Swamiji started to Jeeyar Gurukulam. HH visited the nearby Venkateshwara Swamy temple and soon reached the Jeeyar Gurukulam. HH was received very grandly by all the school delegates, and members. HH was welcomed with flowers, and dances all the way to the stage.

The Annual Day event began after the “Jyothi Prajwalam” (Lighting of the lamp) by Sri Swamiji. Ex Minister Sriman Dr. Daggubati Venkateshwara Rao was the chief guest of the Annual Day function. There were few other prominent leaders like Sriman Nethaji MDO, V.R.O Suresh garu, Sriman Yallamgari Subrahmanyam garu who were present in the event.

The annual day started with little children giving excellent and mazing speeches in English and Telugu. And later the children performed many cultural skits and dramas much to everyone’s amazement .

The parents of the children were particularly impressed with their kids seeing their wonderful participation on the stage in front of an audience.

Their eyes were filled with love and happiness for their children. They could have easily gone astray, but for Sri Swamiji’s Gurukulam where they all gained an opportunity to get educated so well in all aspects.

They expressed their gratitude to Sri Swamiji over and over again for making their kids what they are today!

Later Sri Swamiji gave an excellent speech to the children, parents and the teachers at the event. HH blessed them and further motivated them with HH blessings and support.