June 13th : School re-opened after summer vacation on June 13th. Students, teachers and staff members carried out Swachh Patashala – school cleanliness drive to make the school clean & tidy.
June 13th to 16th : BADI BA:TA:  The Gurukulam teachers visited the nearby villages i.e, Jeeyar nagar, Ram nagar, Kolamguda, Beersaipeta, Motiramguda, Dantanpally, Shambhuguda, Shivaguda, Chintaguda, Kottaguda to bring awareness to the parents of those absentee students about the importance of education for personal and society development and insisted on sending their children to the school.
Rain water harvesting : A big pit was dug in the school premises to collect rain water for harvesting purposes.
June 18th : The school executive committee held its first meeting in the new session and discussed about student/school development, upgrading existing standards etc. Teachers were allocated duties.

Yoga practice:  As a daily school curriculum, Pratha:smaraniyam slokas are chanted in the mornings and in the evenings Yoga exercises are carried out.

June 21st : The International Yoga day was celebrated. Sriman S.Prabhakar rao, Secretary, JET(S) & Sri Urmilaji visited on that day, explained how the school has achieved the present standards in education and self discipline. He wanted that all of us especially the teachers should work for furthering levels to benefit the society.


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