Many kids belonging to regions of Allampally are seeing sunny days in their lives as there are a lot of persuation from the school teachers to get back to school. The parents are counselled to send their kids to school citing all the great fun and knowledge that their wards could part with. The teachers are now seeing an 80% attendance rate, which is truly a great figure.

Recently a donor from Tampa,Florida, Sriman Abhilash and his 11 year old son Archishman visited the Allampally School on 17th of June and stayed till 19th of June. Their visit brought a great cheer to the students because, with them came along a Robot. Many kids showed great interest in understanding what it is and were eager to lay their hands on it. The Robo walked the halls of the classroom. Master. Archishman talked about the sensors the Robo is equipped with and the uses of it. This pique can take them a long way, keeping in mind that the days ahead will involve AI in every walk of life. It was truly time well spent for everybody with eternal inspiration and blessings from Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Chinna Jeeyar Swami.