Jeeyar Gurukulam at Katarivaripalem is a school established under the aegis of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji after the area was devastated during Tsunami in 2007. This was one of the relief activities taken up by volunteers inspired by Sri Swamiji.

The school currently serves 123 students free of cost without compromising on the quality of education to students. Despite challenges from parents who prefer their kids to work along with them, the school has managed to retain more than 85% of the admitted children through awareness.

Sri Swamiji visited the school on 28th March as part of annual meet conducted by the school authorities. Swamiji interacted with students closely to examine their level of understanding on social aspects, academic skills, and attitude. Sri Swamiji is keen to provide necessary training to local teachers so that the children are brought up correctly. Ultimate goal is to raise children to a level that they can take care of the people in their village and increase the standard of life style to a more productive and happy population!

Speaking on the occasion, Swamiji said ‘A sculptor does not add anything, but removes unnecessary parts from a stone to make it easier for us to worship. A child also is spotless in knowledge naturally, but there are several unnecessary and unwanted aspects that he gets attracted to. These need to be carefully removed to make him an inspiration for others!’